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The Eastern Industry Zone in Ethiopia has attracted Changfa Agricultural Equipment Manufacturing Investment Project.


The local time in Ethiopia is 4:00 PM on June 10th, 2011, “The investment project of Changfa –Ethiopia Agricultural Equipment Manufacturing Project” attracted in the Eastern Industry Zone of Ethiopia and the signing ceremony held in Ethiopia Eastern Industry Zone. The project will be invested by Jiangsu Changfa Group and the annual assembling agricultural machinery equipment of over 500 sets will be put into operation after successful launch, both to give better service to Ethiopia Agriculture, and to pay its due contribution for the quick and sound economic development in Ethiopia from now on.


The Assistant Minister of Ethiopian Ministry of Trade and Industry, Mr. FEKADU, the Chinese Vice Minister of Agriculture Ministry, Mr. Zhang Taolin, the Chinese Ambassadora Agent to Ethiopia, Mr. Wei Hongtian, the President of Changfa Group, Mr. Huang Xiaoping, the president of Eastern Industry Zone and Jiangsu Qiyuan Group, Mr. Lu Qiyuan etc. have together attened the signing ceremony, which is inaugurated by the industrial management assistant director, Mr. Jiao Yongshun of the Eatern Industry Zone in Ethiopia.



Jiangsu Changfa Group is a manufactruing enterprise focusing on agricultural equipment manufacturing, the headquarter located in Changzhou City,Jiangsu Province. The operating revenue of Changfa Group broke through RMB¥106 hundred million in whole 2010. The company is producing such agricultural products as tractor, rice transplanter, grain combine harvester, engine, electric generator etc., with support of the China Ministry of Agriculture, actively developing overseas markets and looking for the international strategic cooperation partners in recent years.

The Eastern Industry Zone has won the bid about the China Ministry of Commerce calling for tender for the second time overseas cooperation zone in Nov. 2007, as the State-level Overseas Economic and Trade Cooperation Zone of the first whole of City& County China, and Suzhou the only one; Mr. Wu Bangguo, China Committee Chairman, has defined the Eastern Industry Zone has become the demonstration zone in the 30 years since China reform and the opening up to make the people of China and Ethiopia together enjoy the sharing of the fruit; Mr. Wen Jiabao, China Premier, has promised Eastern Industry Zone as the “On Schedule, Fine Quality” Africa Project from China to Ethiopian Government starting today. Ethiopian Government has regarded the Eastern Industry Zone as a part of “ Ethiopia State Durative Development and Anti-poverty Programme”, and has listed as the important priority item to the State Industrial Development Plans, so Ethiopian Premier has personally tracked the project progress monthly. The Eastern Industry Zone will become as a good base of China IIM to carry the importance in overseas processing trade and become an important springboard for Chinese enterprises entering into Africa, Middle East, and Europe markets as well as a external window for China applicable Science, Technology and Culture fanning outside.

Agriculture become China base industry and competitive industry, as well also as Ethiopia earnestly the developing industry. Ethiopia set agriculture as the economic backbone and is rich in agriculture products resources, so it will be the only way to success for Ethiopia both agricultural products deep processing and improving agricultural product added. At present, it will have provided Ethiopia so many opportunities in new products exploitation, new technical equipment innovation, products packaging, transportation and sales etc..Changfa Agricultural Equipment Manufacturing Project will have been needed for both the economy growth of Ethiopia and the implementation of China strategy of "going out".